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Climb Back Foundation: FAQ


In March of 2015, our daughter Molly Perry was involved in a horrific accident that left her clinging to life. She required multiple, immediate life saving surgeries, as well as a lengthy stay in the PICU on life support. Through the skill and care of her trauma team and trauma surgeons, she slowly became more stable. The facilities available to her, as well as the dedication of the trauma unit gave Molly the opportunity to begin the long climb back to her former self. 

As the surgeries, therapy, and rehab passed, and Molly entered back into a normal life we often reflected on just how critical her time in the trauma room and trauma surgery were to her survival. Studies show that children require not only different care, but far more care than adults with similar injuries. Had our hospital not had a dedicated pediatric trauma room or OR, her chances of survival would have been minimal. In the spirit of thankfulness we decided to use our experience as a springboard to make a positive impact, and created the Climb Back Foundation in 2018.


Surprisingly accidents are the leading cause of death in children by a large margin, yet you rarely see it mentioned-often overshadowed in fundraising and awareness by disease like cancer and diabetes. The goal of our foundation is to not only bring awareness to this, but to fund pediatric specific trauma rooms and pediatric operating rooms so that children like Molly will also have their chance to climb back to health.

Our mission is simple-to increase availability of and access to pediatric specific trauma care at ERs and hospitals. We will do this on two fronts: advocating for the importance and need of pediatric trauma care to hospitals as well as helping to ensure that adequate funding for these units exists.


The Climb Back Foundation is entirely volunteer run. With no paid employees and zero overhead, 100% of contributions go directly to funding pediatric trauma surgery. We are excited to announce that our first pledge is a commitment to fund the trauma room at the ER in Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital in Baton Rouge, LA. Please join us in creating a lasting difference and giving children involved in traumatic accidents their chance to climb back.

Questions? Contact us today, our team is always ready to help.


Climb Back Foundation: About


This money was raised in the first year of Salty Kids Fish Fest. We couldn’t be more proud of the group of people that came together and made this possible! So many people to thank! All money raised at Salty Kids is ear marked specifically for pediatric trauma care, a cause near and dear to us. Please join us this summer to make year three ever better!

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Climb Back Foundation: Welcome
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